I was thrilled to go to dinner last night with two good friends.  My going out to dinner meant of course my husband taking care of dinner and bedtime for the two kiddos.  Dinner, not a big problem.  Bedtime, a whole other story.  Our son is accustomed to me always putting him to sleep including a nightly nursing session.  No matter how hard he might try, my husband just can’t duplicate our ritual.  So I try to only be gone one or two nights a month and that just started fairly recently.     

     Anyway, I went to dinner, felt like an adult, not just a mom.  I need a few hours occasionally to recharge my mommy batteries.  We went to a store afterwards to continue talking and browse without having to entertain little people.  I got home at 9:30 feeling refreshed and looking forward to the quietness that would greet me. 

     And all was quiet.  In fact too quiet.  I greeted my husband and got a grunt instead of a hello.  Then I noticed his keys, Y card and walkman on the counter.  He thought I would be home earlier and had been waiting to go workout.  I had no idea and had dilly dallied out.  Once I realized I apologized but also explained that I had no way of knowing.  Tonight was my night to get a little free time.  I didn’t know we were going to both try.  He answered that he had no idea it would take me four hours to have dinner.  Anyway, we both agreed it was a miscommunication but I still couldn’t help feeling a little bad about it. 

     But I was on duty when our daughter woke up at 3:30 with a nightmare and didn’t fall back asleep until 4:30.  She told me in the morning that her nightmare was that I left her at the park and she couldn’t find me – making me feel worse for “leaving” the night before.  I asked what they had done the night before.  She doesn’t know yet that she’s not supposed to tell me the names of the shows they watched that are not allowed.  She said they watched Ironman and Spiderman but that there weren’t bad guys.  She knows I don’t like the bad guys because they give her nightmares!  Imagine that.  Forbidden shows, nightmares and suddenly I need to recharge my batteries again!  I said “you know those are against the rules.”  She said “I know, but you are the rules and you weren’t here!”  So what is a mom to do when I’m on duty 20 hours a day and then in the 4 that I’m gone all the rules fly out the window?  If what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, why am I up at 3:30 in the morning?


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