clean counters

Yesterday was one of those days my dear husband comes home from work and kind of suspiciously looks around the house and says “What did you do all day?”  I, of course, hear it as “How can three people make such a mess in one day?”  To my credit we had played a lot that day.  It was what I call a total kid day until about 4pm when I declared mommy time and shooed everyone away for a few minutes to regather my senses.  I must admit, the house did look like a disaster.  But three people?  No, ONE person.  One 30 pound, 2 ft tall, non-speaking little guy who can single handedly destroy a room in 30 seconds flat.  No man or machine is fast enough to trail behind him and restore the mayhem.  My usual plan is to wait until he runs out if steam and then try to put the pieces back together as best I can.  I sometimes try this in the afternoon before my dear husband gets a chance to see it.  Yesterday I did not.   I like to keep at least one room without stuff on the floor so I can walk by and have some semblance of order.  The true sign of a good day for me is clean counters.  If I can get all the clutter off them and wipe them down I am a happy woman.  I can have 10 pounds of crumbs on my floor and not give a hoot as long as my counters are clean.


One response to “clean counters

  1. Awesome! I know what you speak of. Mine is the island in the kitchen. Clutter, clutter, clutter. When the island is clear of clutter I’m happy. The desk is a complete disaster, but the island is a quiet expanse of clean. : )

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