Perfectly coiffed children…

…not mine, of course!  This morning as I sat on the floor of the Brentwood Library and looked around at some of the children attending story time with us I began to wonder what time they must get up in the morning.  Here it was 10am and these kids looked like they were ready to get portraits made.  I looked at my own and they looked like they rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, ate breakfast (evidence still lurking on the thrown on clothes) and landed at the library with five minutes to spare.  OK, that’s pretty much how our morning went, but Tuesday is our day to hang out and catch story time and take a big fat nap so I won’t apologize.  These kids at the library though all had beautifully washed, combed, styled hair.  If there is something I am missing, please clue me in.  Maggie was sporting her braids from yesterday that didn’t look too worse for the wear.  But portrait worthy?  I think not.  Nicholas had missed the brush this morning, which 9 times out of 10 doesn’t matter with him.  Today must have been the tenth day because from across the room I was suddenly sad that I hadn’t at least licked down some of the fuzz that was following him around.  And the clothes?  Don’t even get me started.  One 6-year-old was in a white dress.  A WHITE dress!  Hah!  And it was clean!  Does the child not touch anything?  Maybe she doesn’t.  As I watched a bit more I realized my kiddos might not be perfectly coiffed children, but they sure were the happiest ones there.  I’ll take happy over perfect any day.


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